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University Shops Dental Clinic - Consultation, Oral Examination, and Radiography

Our Services

Good oral health starts with good oral hygiene habits ( brushing twice and flossing once a day). An integral part of good hygiene also involves visiting your dentist once a year at the least for examination and cleaning of teeth. When you come to our office we will initiate your visit with an oral and dental check-up and X-ray radiographs if needed. Any specific complaint will be addressed at that time. Generally, Examinations can be comprehensive, specific, or emergency. During the comprehensive exam, we will review your dental and medical history, perform oral cancer screening, check extraoral and intraoral soft tissues (such as lymph nodes, TMJ, cheeks, lips, and gums). The teeth will then be charted and thoroughly examined for dental decay,fractures, enamel wear and other abnormalities. The gingivae and the tooth supporting bone and ligament will also be assessed and abnormalities noted. A recommended treatment plan will then be put forward and explained to you with estimated cost. Any questions you have will be answered. A specific exam addresses a chief complaint by the patient, such as cavity in tooth, sweet or cold sensitivity, or a tooth chipping. An emergency exam deals with pain, severe infection, swelling , hemorrhage, or trauma accidents to the teeth or associated soft tissue. We will strive to see you the same day in case of emergency