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Wisdom Tooth Extraction


Wisdom teeth are the last molars to erupt behind the second molars in the four quadrants of the dental arches. They are commonly found impacted and unable to fully erupt because of shortage of jaw space . Due to poor access for brushing and flossing, impacted wisdom teeth can lead to gum infection, swelling and pain (pericoronitis), as well as tooth decay. They may also be associated with front teeth crowding, bad breath and cheek biting. If wisdom teeth are impacted or malposed (crooked) and there has been a history of symptoms they are indicated for extraction. Properly erupted teeth that can be cleaned reasonably well may be retained by the patient.The use of oral hygiene aid such as sulcabrush is highly recommended for cleaning around wisdom teeth. We will give you our expert opinion as to which course of action to take for your wisdom teeth. If it is the time for wisdom teeth ( one or more) to be extracted we will provide you with the best care before, during, and after the extraction procedure is performed. Following the procedure, post-operative instructions will be explained and prescription medications ordered. A follow-up visit will also be scheduled 3 to 5 days afterwards to ensure the healing process goes smoothly.